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We are currently living in Knoxville Tennessee. I am a stay at home mom and absolutley love hanging out with Makai (age 5) and Beck (age 3). Ike is in his 2nd year of Oral Surgery Residency at the Univerity of Tennessee Hospital. We miss all of our friends and family, but enjoy the opportunity to meet new friends and see new places. This blog is just a little piece of our every day life here in Knoxville.

Three Peas in a Pod

Three Peas in a Pod

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Daddy We Love You!

Thanks for being such a great Dad. We love you and appreciate all you do. You're always so much fun and such a tease. You make sure we're all organized and help everything to run smoothly. You're a hard worker and you make sure we all have everything and then some. Thanks for playing ball with me, teaching me how to swim, swinging me on the swing, playing cool songs in the car and always taking us on a date for a happy meal at the play land. We have the best Daddy ever!

Knoxville Zoo

Fun times at the Knoxville Zoo! We are so excited to live so close to the zoo. The kids loved it! Beck's favorites were the elephants and the gorillas. Makai loves the giraffes and the red pandas. We had a fun picnic and an all around great day. We now have a zoo pass and we'll probably go there several times a month. I think we hit the jackpot here in Tennessee....the library and pool across the street and the zoo 20 minute away. I think I'm going to like it here!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pool Time Fun

It just so happens that the pool is accross the street from our house. How great is that? This is what we do all summer long....it's about all you can do when it's only June and it's already 95 degrees! Our good friends the Kujacks came down this weekend and helped us paint and decorate and entertain our kids. We had such a great time and got a lot accomplished. A big thanks to Dave and Erin!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Some Preliminary pictures of the new house

We have a lot to do before Ike starts working at the hospital. We have a few painting issues (Makai's room is a bit scary). We are just organizing and waiting for our new furniture and trying to decorate to make it our home. I'll be posting some updated pictures hopefully sooner than later.

Enjoying The Dawg Days of Summer!

Makai and Beck and really enjoying our new back yard and so am I! We have a fun swingset and a cool slide. They also love the sprinklers because it's mostly hot and muggy. These two kids sure know how to have fun.

Saying Goodbye to Lexington

Catch Me if You Can!!

Catch Me if You Can!!

Fun Times with Grandma and Grandpa

Fun Times with Grandma and Grandpa