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We are currently living in Knoxville Tennessee. I am a stay at home mom and absolutley love hanging out with Makai (age 5) and Beck (age 3). Ike is in his 2nd year of Oral Surgery Residency at the Univerity of Tennessee Hospital. We miss all of our friends and family, but enjoy the opportunity to meet new friends and see new places. This blog is just a little piece of our every day life here in Knoxville.

Three Peas in a Pod

Three Peas in a Pod

Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome Home Diesel!!!

Meet the newest addition to the Morgan family. He's not exactly the kind of baby I've been begging for, but he sure is sweet! He is just the cutest little guy and we are all so excited to have a new pet. He's only two months old and he's really playful and just adorable. I'll be really happy when he's potty trained (didn't I just go through all this?)

Fun Times with Grandma and Grandpa

We had tons of fun with the Morgan's. We ate really good food, went to the Smokey Mountains which were absolutely beautiful and full of animals to see! The kids loved playing at Chuck E. Cheese. Grandpa and Grandma did our yard work and Makai and Beck had a ball playing in the leaves. We were sad to see them leave and can't wait to see them again!

Go Vols!!

Sadly the Vols lost (their homecoming game to Wyoming!!!) but we had a really fun time at the game. Makai loved eating the popcorn and Beck loved smashing it. It was fun to be outside on such a beautiful day. It made me totally miss going to all the U of U games.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Hauntings

We had an awesome Halloween. We had our friends the Richman's and the Reeds' minus Luke (someones got to hold down the fort at the hospital), over for chili and homemade rolls. This has been a tradition in my family forever and it's so much fun! The kids loved trick-or-treating with each other and our neighborhood was perfect. Just long enough and tons of yummy candy. Beck would get so excited whenever he got gum or Tootsie Rolls it was pretty cute! Makai had fun being Super Woman and loved being the only girl.


Our ward had the coolest Noctoberfest I have ever been to! The kids got to ride horses, go on a way cool hayride, eat some yummy grilled hot dogs and they played in a pile of dried out manure until Luke figured out what the mountain was made of! It was a beautiful fall day and we were sad Ike had to work, but we enjoyed hanging out with the Reed's and friends in our ward. We have had more parties than you can imagine. Knoxville is one super fun place!

Birthday Time Fun

The kids went to Mile's super hero birthday today and had a blast! They tested their super powers and as you can see Makai knows how to pump some iron (she's seen Mommy's Body Pump one too many times)! They ate cupcakes and had some amazing sword fights with the lights sabers. Beck's a little aggressive and made a few of the big boys cry, he's sort of a bully like his Dad!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jack-o-lantern Time!

We carved our pumpkins tonight. Makai wanted a happy one and Beck wanted a scary one. Looks like Ike did a great job on both! We just have too much fun, don't we?

Boo at the Zoo!

This weekend we went to Boo at the Zoo with Luke and Carissa's family. The kids loved it! We got tons of candy, saw some animals, rode on the merry-go-round backwards and even got a Krispy Kreme doughnut. We also went to our wards trunk or treat. Makai had a lot of fun with her girlfriends. She absolutely loves her costume. We have a couple of parties next week too. We're milking Halloween for all it's worth and lovin' it!

Catch Me if You Can!!

Catch Me if You Can!!

Fun Times with Grandma and Grandpa

Fun Times with Grandma and Grandpa