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We are currently living in Knoxville Tennessee. I am a stay at home mom and absolutley love hanging out with Makai (age 5) and Beck (age 3). Ike is in his 2nd year of Oral Surgery Residency at the Univerity of Tennessee Hospital. We miss all of our friends and family, but enjoy the opportunity to meet new friends and see new places. This blog is just a little piece of our every day life here in Knoxville.

Three Peas in a Pod

Three Peas in a Pod

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Here's what's been happening!

I turned 30! Makai turned 6! We have had a fun winter and now looking forward to spring. Makai finished up cheerleading now we are off to soccer, ballet and T-ball for Beck! Busy but fun! Sadie Bug is sitting up now, eating lots of food and smiling all the time. Diesel and Ike are still two peas in a pod! Yes, that is Ike's head under the pillow....


Dane and Natalie said...

Look at your cute family! It's been way too long since I have checked out your blog. Your little Sadie is so cute! I hope we get to see you soon!

Shelley said...

It'a about time!!!!!! Love it:)

Jaimee Blood said...

Thank you for updating your blog. It's worth the wait to see those cute kids. Sadie is so sweet. Those cheeks are awesome!!!Love that picture of Makai at cheerleading! Fun!

Trent and Ashley said...

Super cute pictures! I can't believe how much your kids are growing! (Happy a few days late birthday to Beck!)Hope the Morgans are doing well :)

Catch Me if You Can!!

Catch Me if You Can!!

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Fun Times with Grandma and Grandpa